Executive Chariman

Dr. Bondi Gevao

Welcome to and thank you for visiting the official website of the Environment Protection Agency, Sierra Leone (EPASL). This website gives you an in-depth look into the activities and programmes of the Agency including its mandate, vision, and mission. As an Agency responsible for the effective protection and management of the country’s environment, its primary focus is to strive to maintain an environment that promotes the safety of human health and ecosystems and to secure a conducive atmosphere for sustainable investment

Sierra Leone is immensely endowed with natural beauty and an abundance of natural resources. The harnessing of these natural resources, however, comes with responsibility and care for the environment. No matter our place in society, we all have to demonstrate a profound commitment to environmental safety. Our relationship with the environment is so germane that we are left with no option but to protect it.

In our quest for survival, we have often embarked upon activities that are so detrimental to the environment and our wellbeing. The wanton pollution of our rivers, the massive depletion of forests, the inappropriate disposal of waste, the unsustainable extraction of minerals, and the emission of hazardous substances into the atmosphere, are examples of the ways we have degraded our environment. Through these actions, and in some cases inactions, we have fundamentally changed the course of nature and have invited its wrath upon us.

Climate change is real, and its adverse impacts on our planet Earth are ubiquitous. Nations across the globe are currently being challenged by the catastrophic effects of climate change and global warming. We must therefore stimulate our minds to this new reality and make the ultimate sacrifice, if and only if we are to pursue a path of environmental tranquility, climate resilience, and low-emission development trajectory.

Let us leverage the many opportunities that have been presented to us by the government to make our environment safe and healthy for everyone. Sound environmental policies may never attain their true meaning if we remain oblivious to our responsibilities to nature. I, therefore, implore everyone to imbibe in you a true spirit of love and care for the environment. The journey to achieving sustainable environmental protection and management in Sierra Leone may be daunting but not insurmountable if only we are willing to make the right choices.

As a regulatory institution, the EPA-SL welcomes partnerships with both public and private sector institutions to foster its goals for sustainable development. We remain profoundly appreciative of the role and commitment of our development partners for a sustainable environment in Sierra Leone and we look forward to a more collaborative approach in pursuing our shared objectives.

Even as we welcome investors to our beloved country, we are equally attuned to the fact that investment must never be done at the expense of environmental safety.

We, therefore, call upon you to make informed choices particularly in matters of the environment because your very survival depends on it. So join us today in the fight for environmental safety in Sierra Leone.

It is my sincere hope that you would find this website useful.

Thank you once again.

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