EPA Executive Chairman launches project on Capacity Building Initiative for Transparency

The Executive Chairman of the Environment Protection Agency-Sierra Leone, Dr. Bondi Gevao had launched the Capacity Building Initiative for Transparency project for Sierra Leone during a ceremony hosted at the Golden Tulip Essential Kimbima Hotel on Wednesday 28th October 2020. The project aims at strengthening capacities of key sectors to track progress on national commitments made and to produce comprehensive and accurate data on the greenhouse gas emissions in the country.The project would also ensure institutional arrangements for data collection and management established under the EPA-SL’s coordination and operations in key Ministries, Agencies, Departments and other stakeholders. It would also ensure sectoral transparency guidelines, methodologies and indicators (guided by the inter-governmental panel on Climate Change) for mitigation and adaptation developed and distributed as well as ensure continuous quality control and assurance program for Sierra Leone’s transparency instruments.The Executive Chairman of the Environment Protection Agency spoke about changes and adoption of best practices such as recycling and the use of renewables. “We need practical steps in tackling climate change issues such that energy saving appliances is one of the best ways of practically involving towards the global fight against climate change”. “The project is aligned with the priorities and commitments outlined in the Nationally Determined Contributions as well as in cluster seven (7) of the government of Sierra Leone’s Midterm National Development Plan which aimed at strengthening the ability of government institutions to systematically manage climate change risks and its impact on social infrastructure and the socio-economic development of Sierra Leone”, Dr. Bondi added. The Capacity-building Initiative for Transparency (CBIT) supports developing countries like Sierra Leone to build institutional and technical capacity, both pre- and post-2020, to meet enhanced transparency requirements as defined in Article 13 of the Paris Agreement. The CBIT has three aims: to strengthen national institutions for transparency-related activities in line with national priorities, to provide relevant tools, training and assistance for meeting the provisions stipulated in Article 13 of the Paris Agreement and to assist in the improvement of transparency over time.The acting Director of the Ministry of The Environment, Edward Pieh Bendu expressed the Ministry’s support and fullest corporation towards the implementation of the project. “Sierra Leone needs capacity to be able to regularly and adequately give updates on the impacts of climate Change in the country” he noted. The Director of Energy at the Ministry of Energy expressed the support of his Ministry towards the implementation of the project. He said “it is required of any Party like Sierra Leone to translate its Nationally Determined Contributions and policies into concrete projects”.During the implementation of the CBIT project in the country within the next three years, it would ensure women and men have equal access to resources and services.

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